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COURSE TITLE: How to Start a Business (Non-Profit and/or For-Profit)

DESCRIPTION: Are you ready to start your non-profit organization? This course is designed to aid you in clearly understanding all the documents required to get this accomplished in ten steps. By the time you leave this class, you will know exactly what to do! You will no longer procrastinate in getting this vitally important task accomplished!

Schedule: TBD

COURSE TITLE: Grant Writing 101

DESCRIPTION: Non-profit and for-profit organizations often seek grants to sustain programs or services for the community. This class provides an opportunity to learn the basic grant-writing process in one day. You will be provided sample grants and leave the class with a grant ready for submission.

Schedule: TBD



COURSE TITLE: College Readiness 101

DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on aiding the student with getting organized, self-management, communication, collaboration, personal goal-setting, problem-solving and critical-thinking. It is the first step in navigating a path towards the decision to attend college.

Schedule: TBD

COURSE TITLE: Financial Aid 101

DESCRIPTION: Completing and understanding how to navigate funds for college is a complicated process. This class will explain the terms so you can completely understand. You will be guided through the various types of college funding and will leave the class understanding the processes needed to navigate this web before you need it. Come learn about the college financial aid process and how to lower costs for college.

Schedule: TBD

COURSE TITLE: Interview Skills 101

DESCRIPTION: Are you ready to prepare for a better career but haven’t had an interview in a long time?

Well, this class is for you. You will be given various tools and you will role-play and be prepared to ace the interview with preparation and practice prior to the need. Nothing is better than being prepared if and when a professional interview is needed. Time to prepare for a better future!

Schedule: TBD


COURSE TITLE: Resume Writing 101

DESCRIPTION: Due to the technological age, many jobs now require resumes to be posted on a job site like Indeed or some other site. The resume an employer’s first impression of you. It is vitally important that it is written well and continues to be updated to reflect your skills for that particular job. Let us show you how to develop a great resume that will aid you in better employment and getting the dream opportunity you deserve!

Schedule: TBD



COURSE TITLE: Civics 101

DESCRIPTION: How would you like to know how to truly make a difference in your local community? This course teaches civics education to everyone. It focuses on equitable non-partisan civic education so that the practice of democracy is learned by each new generation. Through games and other methods, it teaches you how the United States government works. The course educates you on why it is important to be and stay engaged in your community. It teaches you how to impact your local and state to better the lives of others.

Schedule: TBD

COURSE TITLE: Financial Management 101

DESCRIPTION: Do you have a budget? Do you know where your money goes from one paycheck to the next?

If these questions pertain to you, this class is for you. The class will teach you how to plan, develop a budget, track monthly expenses and make better financial decisions to improve your life.

Schedule: TBD

COURSE TITLE: Gardening 101

DESCRIPTION: Ever wanted to get back to nature and start your own small home or backyard garden? Well, this is the course for you! This course will provide you will the basic steps it takes to start container gardening first followed by raised bed and in-the-ground growing. You will be provided information and you will be responsible for purchasing supplies and materials for life long enjoyment!

Schedule: TBD

COURSE TITLE: Genealogy 101

DESCRIPTION: How do you respond to your children, grandchildren or other relatives when they ask important questions? Where did you/we come from? Who are our/your relatives? Ever wanted to find this information but didn’t know how to start or how to collect it? Well, this is the class for you to learn how to find your family history, document it, collect it and share it with your entire family. Just imagine how productive and better family reunions will be with this factual information.

Schedule: TBD

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